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Adult Services are available to individuals who are at least 18 years of age, have a diagnosed developmental disability and who receive funding from Persons With Developmental Disabilities (PDD).

We have an exceptional and diverse team of staff who are trained and supported to deliver high quality, person-directed services for the people we support.

Overnight Staffed Residential Homes

The homes we own and operate include single-family homes, townhomes, Cooperative housing, and apartments. Our support models in each home reflect the needs of its residents, ranging from complex medical and/or behavioral needs support to skill building towards independent living in all facets of residential life.

Support Homes & Host Families

Support home and host family options are viable and fulfilling alternatives to the ‘traditional’ overnight staffed home. Support home and host family contractors are vetted and monitored to ensure safety and service quality. RHA works to ensure a collaborative relationship between the person receiving services, their family and the contractor to optimally support the individual’s independence and quality of life.

Supported Independent Living

This program focuses on providing support and skill-building opportunities in the areas of independent home living, problem-solving, healthy community relationships, meal preparation, and appointments. Supports are exclusive to the individual and adapted for adults who reside in their own homes without overnight support needs.

In-Home Respite

This program provides in-home supports to individuals who reside in their family home. Staffing supports are provided on a 1-1 ratio and are tailored to the specific needs of the person receiving services.

Out-of-Home Respite

All supports are offered within a framework of community integration to enhance the individual's quality of life. This program is available to adults who live in their family home and seek meaningful connections with their community by way of person-directed, interest-based activities.

Employment Preparation

This program prepares individuals receiving services for competitive employment. Clients experience supported employment, community-based activities, and personal development. A person-directed focus guides the delivery of service toward more independent lifestyles, positive habits, and enhanced social skills.

Employment Placement

This program supports individuals to obtain and sustain employment in the community. Employment options are based on the unique goals and interests of the individual. Employment Placement supports endorse a natural connection between the employer and employee to build healthy, mutually beneficial employment arrangements.

Community Access

This program serves the individual’s personal development and inclusion in community-based activities such as the arts, education, recreation, community-based programs, and participation in the volunteer sector. A priority is placed on the practical application of ‘do with, not for’ in teaching and sustaining life-skills with individuals in service.