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RHA Membership Update: June 11, 2020

From: Chief Executive Officer and RHA Leadership Team

RHA- Non-essential Community Access

As the Province continues to reopen for business we must clarify the direction RHA is currently able and willing to risk and support.  We are cautiously re-entering the community and still complying with many restrictions under the Alberta Public Health Order.  Our intent is to monitor the progress of the Provinces relaunch stages and will follow behind 2-3 weeks before implementing, if all goes well.  We have a responsibility to maintain strict standards and minimize risk exposures while balancing quality of life, safety and the mental health of the people we support and our staff.  Therefore, at this time RHA staff will only be supporting individuals in non-essential community activities that can be facilitated outdoors, limited reopening of facility day programs and Children Services summer camp, employment and drive thru options.  Family/friends of individuals living in RHA homes are strongly recommended to adopt this same practice for the next few weeks, RHA has constructed a Visitor Policy we continue to encourage and support this options as a best practice, while keeping individuals connected and safe.

RHA Adult Day Program Relaunch – Next Steps

As Robin Hood (RHA) begins the staged re-launch of regular operations, we have explored continuous improvement opportunities for the well-being of the individuals in service, staff, and organization. During the course of our Pandemic Emergency Operations, RHA has delivered residential based service models to all of those living in our residential models. In doing this, we have observed individuals engaged in meaningful day supports and building skills around the home that was previously more challenging to achieve with so many folks engaged in our major facilities for their Day programs.

As we move out of our 7ON/7OFF residential models, Fort Saskatchewan, Assisted Living, Life-Skills Options, Community Homes, RHA Broadmoor/RHA Broadway Day Services will base their supports (community access and/or employment) from the residential home going forward, instead of being based from our major facilities.  Meaningful opportunities to access groups, equipment, or other skill development opportunities out of our major locations will be supported moving forward, (only once RHA is able to increase the numbers of people in a building at one time, current capacity/number regulations are limited in group/congregated settings, limiting access); RHA will not restrict access to anyone in service.  Accessing outdoor community connection opportunities and/or employment during RHA Stage 1 in the mainstream community will be explored more often and with a greater purpose to be suited to the interests and abilities of each person in service.  RHA Stage 2 (TBA) will begin to support accessing indoor and outdoor community connection opportunities.

To achieve this outcome, RHA will be re-deploying a portion of our Day Services staff from major facilities to being based from the person’s residential home. Adult Services has been provided the opportunity to look at new ways to collaborate skills and resources between program areas through this initiative which will have a direct impact on greater quality supports. Our major facilities will remain the ‘home base’ for all individuals who reside in their family home, RHA support home or a non-RHA residential supports. 

RHA requires that guardians, family, or independent adults in service complete a Consent letter (distributed via email on June 11) before commencing Day Services from our Major facilities. The form can be brought in to your designated major facility or emailed to your assigned RHA Day Services keyworker before commencing Day Services. 

Please note, the consent letter must be completed by individuals who live in their family home, an RHA support home or alternative residential support – not individuals who live in an RHA supported residential home.

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