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RHA COVID-19 Update: May 11, 2020

From: Chief Executive Officer and Emergency Operating Team (EOT)

As Alberta prepares for an approach to the relaunch strategy across the province, EOT has been evaluating where we are at currently and what it means for our organization to “reopen” or begin to reduce restrictions in place in the weeks/months to come.

The fact is COVID-19 is neither more nor less of a risk than it was when all this started. We are all better prepared and knowledgeable of good hand washing and social distancing practices. RHA strategies to reduce exposure such as new staffing models, isolation and the proper use of and available PPE to protect individuals in services and staff, we are now in the early phase of developing a staged approach for RHA to deliver services that have been postponed or reduced. As the next few weeks play out, RHA will be monitoring closely what will happen during stage one of Alberta’s relaunch initiatives. RHA intends to take a cautious approach due to higher risks to a large majority of our population, this means our stages will most likely follow a couple of weeks after each change in stages introduced by the Province. What is also important to ensure is that we work together to find innovative, accessible and safe solutions for individuals in service to have connections with family and friends, it is imperative we not only ensure physical safety but find ways to support emotional health and quality of life. 

Within the next week we will be sharing an outline of the stages of reengagement of services and supports.

Please click here for a letter dated May 8, 2020 from Rajan Sawhney, Minister of Community and Social Services.

Take care and stay healthy,

Ann Marie LePan
Chief Executive Officer


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