COVID-19 Updates

March 25, 2020 Memo to All Membership / Families / Guardians & RHA Staff

Update From: Chief Executive Officer and RHA Emergency Operations Team

Updates NEW Closure and Quarantine Timeline April 30, 2020:

All Residential RHA homes & major facility locations are locked & closed to Visitors/family until end of April 2020, subject to date change.  Over the next few weeks the situation in our communities will likely intensify.  As a result, RHA will continue with the isolation strategies we now have in place and keeping up to date with recommendations from Alberta Health Services; Seniors Housing; Governments of Alberta & Canada and Community and Social Services.

The Disability Sector across the province has asked for government support and resources.  The lack of access to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is critically short and puts our staff and individuals at risk. RHA does have some supplies in stock and are managing these under high security to be distributed as required, if and when we have a suspected or confirmed case of Covid-19. 

Again our goal is to control and limit exposure to the individuals we service that are in services.  We run the risk of having not enough staff to support individuals if we do not control our environments and provide the essential PPE to keep people safe. 

This is difficult for us all, if families have the ability and are healthy enough to take a family member home, we ask you to do so.  If this is not a possibility we will do our utmost to support and protect the people we serve and ask for your understanding and support to not physically visit over the next month. 

We are looking at ways to help families/friends to connect.  The use of technology is playing a key role.  Please discuss options with the program supervisor/caseworker to brainstorm on ideas that may be able to be implemented for communication, ie.  Face Time, Zoom video, emails, chatroom or the old fashion phone call.  Access to phone numbers and extension numbers are located on the RHA website or call 780-467-7140 Ext.1221 and Jackie will do her best to transfer your call.

If families and/or individuals currently not able to access services due to program closures and are struggling, please contact your program caseworker or program supervisor, who may be able to provide you with reassurance, ideas to support individuals while in isolation or just someone to connect with.  RHA website will be storing communication updates and resources so please check regularly.

I personally want to thank our RHA staff and community for stepping up, pulling together to tackle this very complicated crisis.  I am working with other provincial organizations and service providers to understand the challenges that face our world.  We are sharing best practices, innovative ways to offer services and advocating collectively to government to help the sector secure much needed PPE, funding security and acknowledge we are an essential service and workforce that must be supported.  Robin Hood and other service providers are able to limit the pressures impacting our health care system, only if we are adequately resourced and can care for individuals in their homes.  Without the proper equipment there is a real risk to being unable or sustainable to support individuals if they contract covid-19.

Help to slow the spread, wash your hands with soap and water frequently, sanitize high touch surfaces, stay home and practice social distancing.  We all need to do our part.

Thank you,

Ann Marie LePan
Chief Executive Officer
P: 780-467-7140 Ext 1225 

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