Children & Youth Services

Children and Youth Services offers a wide variety of family-centered programs and respite services to children with disabilities and their families.


Early Intervention Program

is available to families with children up to 3½ years of age. It is offered at no charge and provides support, information, advocacy, referrals and links to community agencies.

Early Childhood Development

is a parent resource service that provides education and support in early childhood development to families of children 6 years of age and under. It assists families with a broad range of matters including child development, parent education, playgroups and parenting strategies.

Family Support

offers short-term relief and support to families of children with special needs, including in-home relief, group programs for children and teens, and parent network support groups.

Group Programs and Summer Camp

offer activity-based programs year-round. These programs provide recreational experiences, social interaction and skill maintenance & development through centre-based and community activities. Group Programs are available to children 2½ years and older. Summer Camp is available to children 4 years and older.

Family Consultation and Training Network & Specialized Services

are available to assist families in developing skills and strategies to understand and support their child’s behavior and development.



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