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Children and Youth Services offers a wide variety of family-centered programs and respite services to children with disabilities and their families. Click the blue boxes to learn more.

The Robin Hood Early Childhood Intervention Program (ECIP) focuses on supporting families who are concerned with their child’s development in two or more areas or have a diagnosis that impacts their development, and work with families until the commencement of a preschool program or the age of three and a half years old. We are based out of the Children and Youth Community Centre (CYCC) in Sherwood Park, and support families in the Leduc region, Strathcona county, Sherwood Park and Fort Saskatchewan.

ECIP consultants work with parents and caregivers to support and encourage development, including:

  • • Communication and language (Speech Language development)

  • • Moving, sitting, crawling and walking (Gross motor development)

  • • Grasping, holding, and manipulating small objects (Fine motor development)

  • • Feeding, eating and learning to try new foods.

  • • Sleep.

  • • Play and interaction (Social Emotional development)

  • • Sensory experiences.

  • • Behavior and engagement.

And anything else that you may have questions about 😊 If you have questions please contact

ECIP Referral Form

The Family Support program supports families who have children with special needs within Strathcona County and Fort Saskatchewan. Services can include:

  1. • short-term in-home or community based hourly respite

  2. • weekend and evening group programs for children and teens

  3. • overnight 24hr care in-home or in our Children’s Respite Home

  4. • Support for recreational activities

  5. • Before & After School program

  6. • Non-school Day childcare

  7. • Summer Program (day camp)

Care is individualized based on the child’s needs to maintain safety, supervision and play. We are approved to bill directly to FSCD for staffing costs.

Our relief staffing team are all screened through reference checks, Criminal Record Checks and Child Intervention Checks. They must complete the mandatory training program which includes:

  1. • First Aid and Infant & Child CPR

  2. • Epilepsy

  3. • Medication Administration

  4. • Restrictive Procedures

  5. • Universal Precautions

  6. • Abuse Protocol

  7. • Ethics of Touch

  8. • Non-Violent Crisis Intervention

For more information or to request an application package contact our program Team Leader, Ali Cruikshank:


Phone direct: 780-570-9074

Fax: 780-640-9404

Drop Off: #101, 3 Spruce Ave. Sherwood Park

BDS agreements are FSCD-funded services that support children under the age of 17 years 11 months. These agreements are typically six-month contracts with one (or two) discipline(s) (Occupational Therapy, Speech-Language Pathology, Psychology), focused on two to three achievable objectives within one behavioral or developmental area.

The Robin Hood Association is on the FSCD approved provider list for BDS and SS. If you have any questions please email

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you having difficulties at home with your child’s behavior?

  • Do you want to understand why your child acting this way?

  • Do you need more information and support to manage your child’s needs?

  • Do you need more parenting tools to meet the needs of your whole family?

Many families who have a child with a disability have questions about how best to support their child. Family Behaviour Consultation (FBC) is a support program that helps parents understand their child’s disability, increases their parenting tool kit, and support the overall wellness of their family. FBC is delivered in partnership with Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD)

  • 1. What is the role of the Family Behaviour Consultant? Support you to understand your child’s needs in order to teach new skills. Increase your understanding of your child’s disability to change problem behaviour. Introduce the principles of positive parenting to promote overall family wellness.

  • 2. How can Services be accessed? Your child must have an active Family Support for Children with Disabilities agreement. If you are eligible, your FSCD worker can make a referral to the program.

  • 3. What supports are available? Targeted behavioral and/or developmental consultation, education, and resources (i.e.: Triple P Parenting Program). Your Consultant may meet with you individually to address your concerns. Meetings may be in person, virtual, phone calls or a mix of these modes. Visits and times are flexible and can occur in a variety of settings. Your Consultant may offer support through group sessions and may attend case conferences. Connect you to other community supports and resources.

  • 4. How long can the services be accessed? Services are usually accessed for 3-6 months. Services may be extended in consultation with your FSCD worker and your FBC Consultant.

  • 5. Is there a cost? There is no charge.

Email if you have questions

Families may be eligible for specialized services. These contracts involve a team of therapists who provide support to the child/family over a one-year period.

To receive specialized services through the Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) program:

  • • child must have a severe disability that significantly limits their ability to function in normal daily living activities

  • • child has critical service needs in 2 or more areas including behaviour, communication and social skills, physical abilities, cognitive abilities, or self-help skills and adaptive functioning, and there are no other programs or services to meet the child’s needs

  • The Robin Hood Association is on the FSCD approved provider list for BDS and SS. If you have any questions please email