RHA is an equal opportunity employer, and we are committed to attracting a diverse, productive, engaged, and competent workforce. We believe every person is equal in dignity and rights. We're deeply committed to this principle in our hiring and employment practices and work consistently on maintaining a professional environment that is free of discrimination or harassment of any kind.

Robin Hood recognizes value in hiring engaged staff with a variety of experiences and a positive approach. Previous experience in this field is an asset; however, a fresh viewpoint and willingness to learn is also appreciated. We offer training, and flexible hours; qualifying staff are eligible for employee benefits, including extended health care, dental and pension.

The Robin Hood Career Portal contains a listing of any current openings.

Simply visit our Career Portal and complete the online form. You will be required to upload your resume in either Microsoft Word (.doc) or .pdf format.

Either Microsoft Word (.doc) or .pdf format.

When you submit an online application, your contact information and resume are delivered to recruitment staff for processing. Once this has been delivered, a notification will appear on your screen confirming that your information was sent. This is the only confirmation that you will receive from the Robin Hood Association.

Due to the volume of applications, only successful applicants will be contacted by our Human Resources staff.

Yes. Please bring along:

• 3 work related references: (preferably past supervisors) with their e-mail addresses and telephone numbers

• Copies of any Educational Documentation (Degree, Diploma, transcripts)

• Copies of any training certificates (including First Aid Certificate if up-to-date)

• Copy of your Work Permit (if applicable)

• Copy of your Criminal Record Check (less than 6 months old) if you currently have one

• Copy of your Intervention Check (less than 6 months old) if you currently have one and are applying for a position in Children’s Services.

Robin Hood Association requires all employees to complete the following mandatory courses within the first six months of employment. These courses are offered at no charge to employees.

• Abuse Protocol

• Epilepsy

• Ethics of Touch

• Ergonomics

• First Aid

• Restrictive Procedures

• Medication Administration

• Universal Precautions

• Safety

• Food Protection

• Foundations

There may be additional designated training applicable to certain roles, such as Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, Sign Language, etc.

Staff may qualify for tuition reimbursement (up to $1,000 per year) for educational opportunities that enhance relevant skills.

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